Facade Tarot: Everything You Need to Know About Tarot Cards

Do you want to predict your future by just reading some cards? Do you want to take your life in the right direction? You may think how fortune-telling is possible with the help of some cards. Well, you are not going to predict your future through some normal cards. They are the tarot cards that will make your life meaningful and easy. Keep reading to learn more.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a set of 78 cards that are used in tarot games and fortune-telling. The decks of tarot cards were originally invented in Italy in the 1430s. The total cards are divided into two different parts called minor arcana and major arcana. If we talk about minor arcana of facade tarot, they look like playing cards. You find four suits including kings, queens, and jacks. However, there are 56 cards in the tarot. In the standard deck, the total number of cards is 52. On the other hand, the major arcana consists of 22 cards. Most people usually link the cards of major arcana with the tarot in pop culture like death, the devil, and more. People around the world study tarot cards in order to predict their future. This activity is called tarot card reading. These cards have been used for a long time for the betterment of humanity. If you are unaware of the unknown things in your life, you can go with tarot cards like tarot facade. Reading tarot cards can help lead a happy life. Further, when you read tarot cards or hire someone to read them for you, you are able to know most of the inner secrets of your life. Also, you are able to lead your life with clarity in mind. When you come to know about the unknown things in your life, you can find the things that you need to improve. After all, stay with this guide if you want to erase most of the confusion of tarot cards.

Major Arcana

major arcana cards In 78 card packs of tarot cards, 22 cards come under major arcana. These cards are numbered from 0 to 21. The term Major Arcana comes from occult practices and is used for divinatory applications. According to Michael Dummett, the Major Arcana used to carry allegorical and esoteric meaning. The usage of these cards started becoming significant over time.

• What do you mean by Major Arcana tarot cards?

The Major Arcana tarot cards help explore life influencing factors. Tarot cards like facade tarot are all about representing life lessons and karmic influences. The big archetypal themes teach you about your life and your soul. Understanding the meaning of these cards may be challenging for you as they are deep and complex. After all, a tarot card professional may help you understand the card that is related to your life. Major arcana tarot cards are also called Trump cards. As you know, the major arcana consists of 21 numbered cards, and out of all, there is one unnumbered card that represents the Fool. If we talk more about the Fool, it is the main character of all these cards. The Fool’s journey will teach you the storyline of the major arcana.

• What do you mean by a major arcana card in a tarot reading?

A major arcana card in tarot reading has several meanings. When you see this card in a tarot reading, it can change the game of the entire tarot card reading. Further, you can also experience life-changing events with long-term effects. If you focus on the important lessons, you will be able to make yourself better in your spiritual and personal quest. If you find some of the major arcana tarot cards in reverse order, it indicates that you are not giving your best to learn the important life lessons. Once you master these life lessons, you will be able to move faster in your life.

Minor Arcana

As you know there are a total of 78 cards in a tarot deck and most of the cards come under minor arcana: 56 cards. Minor arcana tarot cards teach you life influencing factors. Both major and minor arcana cards represent different life situations. While major arcana tarot cards deal with long-term life situations you are likely to face in your life, the cards that come under minor arcana deal with situations like struggles, interactions, and thoughts that you might see in your daily life. You can learn about past situations in your life. Based on the past situations of your life, they teach you how to make effective decisions for your future life. After all, following minor arcana cards help you lead your life in the right direction.

• The four suits

The minor arcana tarot cards include four different suits of cards like Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. All of these suits have 14 cards. Out of 14 cards, there are 10 numbered cards and the remaining four cards are known as court cards. The court cards consist of the Page, Knight, Queen, and King. These four suits of cards are based on a specific area of life. You can use these cards to guide your life in the right direction. Further, the Wands cards show action, initiative, invention, and energy. These cards, like facade tarot, guide you throughout your life and help you when you should take action and when you should not take any actions. The Cups Tarot cards show emotions, intuition, and relationships. You can use these cards when you are in love. By understanding these cards, you come to know how to deal with the highest and lowest feelings. If we talk about the Swords tarot cards, they represent challenges. They will teach you about life challenges like conflict, and disease. After reading these cards, you come to know about how you can make yourself strong to deal with life’s challenges. The Pentacles tarot cards represent your work and finances. You can use these cards for long-term goals, money, family, and health.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card reading is popular around the world. Most people believe that tarot cards can predict the future of an individual. According to Gaye Weintraub, what people think about tarot cards is actually far from the truth. They say that tarot cards are only a kind of spiritual tool that is used to give you some life-related guidance. Tarot cards don’t tell you the future. A person can connect to their inner wisdom with the help of tarot cards. Tarot cards may let you know how you should react in a particular situation in life. After tarot cards, the deck can be only considered as an inner wisdom and guidance tool. You can take insights into your past, current, and future events according to your current situation while reading tarot cards. Note that the card doesn’t need to tell you what you will face in your future life, but you can get a better understanding of life situations. Once you have a better understanding of life situations, it becomes easier for you to take the right action in a particular life situation. After all, you should know that there are no certain rules for reading tarot cards. You can follow some important things to learn from your life experiences. If you wish to know about tarot card reading, start with the following tips.

• Choose a good deck

Before you start reading tarot cards, you need to find a good deck of cards. Make sure the deck contains 78 cards. You can get started with a classic deck that comes from pop culture. You should always choose a deck that can connect with you.

• Practice everyday

While many people may have natural enlightenments to read tarot cards, you may need to practice regularly. Here you can take advantage of your practice to master reading tarot cards because practice makes the man perfect. Practicing reading tarot cards every day is as crucial as finding the right card deck. Take a card from the deck and meditate every day using the same. Observe the imagery available on the cards and try to talk with them from the bottom of the heart. Try to connect yourself with the imagery on the card. Moreover, if you practice reading every day you start coming closer to your card.

• Find a card that represents you

The next thing you have to follow is to start with a card that is associated with you and your life. After finding a card that represents you, you can perform effective reading about your life situations. Ask a question to your card and then connect the answer to your life.

• Put a tarot card under your pillow before you sleep

Before you go to bed, you should put a tarot card under your pillow. It can help you in many ways. All you have to do is to grab a card from the deck that represents you and put it under your pillow. By doing so, you can see the card when you wake in the morning and start your day by reading the card. There is also a belief behind putting the tarot card under the pillow that it may come to your dream. That means you can visualize the card even in your sleep. • Start reading tarot cards for someone you don’t know You should start reading tarot cards for some you don’t know well. This action will take you out of your comfort zone. Find someone and begin reading a tarot card for them. By doing so, you can provide an unbiased answer.

• Have some fun with it

When you start reading tarot cards in the beginning, it can be time taking and overwhelming for you. But over time, you may enjoy reading your desired tarot card.


Tarot cards are all about confidence and trust. If you have no trust in tarot cards, you can’t get any outcome from them. If you believe in tarot card reading and are not able to perform reading yourself, you can read our tarot reading guide for more help. After all, facade tarot cards can also be read with the help of professional tarot readers. That’s all you will want to know about tarot cards.

Do you want to predict your future by just reading some cards? Do you want to take your life in the right direction?


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