What Is The Meaning Of Death Tarot Card?

When we hear the word ‘death’, we usually get afraid. But death is one of the biggest truths of human life and we can’t get rid of it. Every soul in this world shall have a taste of death. After all, when you get a tarot card reading, you may come across the Death tarot card. If you have grabbed this card in your tarot reading, you don’t need to be afraid. Like the Tower and the Devil, the Death tarot may be the most feared card in the tarot deck. Getting this card doesn’t mean this is the time of your death. It is just a card that represents some meaningful life-related facts.

Death tarot card is a major arcana card that comes on the thirteenth number. This card represents an end to certain life situations and connections that don’t positively help you. If this card has appeared in a reading, you don’t need to reshuffle the deck to grab the right one. You should proceed with the same card. Moreover, if you want to learn more about the Death tarot, you will want to stay with this article.

Important keywords for Death tarot card    

There are some important keywords for this tarot card you need to know. These keywords will help you know the card in detail.

Upright: Spiritual transformation, new beginnings, letting go, endings, change, transition, unexpected upheaval.

Reversed: fear of new beginnings, repeating negative patterns, resisting change

Planet: Saturn

Element: Water

Death tarot card description

death tarot card The Death tarot represents the messenger of death on the card. You see a skeleton with black armor on a white horse. The skeleton indicates that this is the part of the body that serves long after death. The armor also teaches you a lesson that death can’t be delayed, it will come at the right time. In simple terms, death is invincible. The dark color signifies mourning and mysterious things. The white horse represents purity and symbolizes strength and power. The skeleton on the horse has a black flag in which you see a white, five-petal rose. The rose is showing beauty, purification, and immortality. All these symbols want to tell you that death doesn’t mean it is the ending of life. Death is when one passes but the new beginning is always there. Death comes with endings and beginnings, birth and rebirth, and change and transformation.

If we talk more about the card, you see a royal figure on the ground in a dead position. A young woman, child, and bishop are seen requesting the skeleton to spare them. But it is not possible. When death comes to a particular individual, they can’t get rid of it.

If you look in the background, you see a boat that is floating down the river. The boat looks like the mythological boats taking the dead to the afterlife. If you look at the horizon, the sun appears between two towers. The sun shares a message that it passes away each night and is reborn every morning.

Know the upright Death tarot

The Death tarot card is often taken as a scary card in the entire tarot deck. Most people often misunderstand this card. As this card appears in someone’s reading, they may think that they are about to die. But there is nothing like that. The Death tarot card is like other positive cards in the tarot deck.

The upright Death card represents the end of a particular aspect of your life that is no longer able to add value to your life. You can find new possibilities in your life. Understating this tarot card is as simple as that. If you want to proceed further in your life, you will need to sacrifice something precious. In simple terms, you can only open a new door once you close the previous one. This card encourages you to leave your past life and explore new opportunities and possibilities. It is not always easy to let go of the past, it is not without new advantages. When you move ahead after sacrificing your past, you will then realize how important it is. After all, if you don’t want to accept new changes in life, you will regret it forever. Whatever the situation comes in life, you need to move ahead for new possibilities.

Further, the Death tarot signifies a certain time for important transformation, transition, and change. You must accept the transformation if you want to bring new opportunities to your life. You should invite both positive and negative changes in your life. A change or transition teaches you many life lessons. Death clears your way to new beginnings and opens a new door. You experience several positive things in life after a new transformation.

The Death tarot card involves a sudden and unexpected change. Death is a universal phenomenon. It happens to everyone, no matter if you are poor or rich. This card can make you feel you are caught for a change and you can’t escape from it. You can be more worried when this card is accompanied by the Tower or the Hanged Man tarot. After all, the changes that will come to your life may be painful but you will get several surprises and benefits in the long run.

Overall, the Death tarot indicates that you must sacrifice unhealthy things in your life to create a new path for a new life. Once you let go of unhealthy things, you get a fresh mind for a new start. You can be a perfect card for you in terms of letting go of unhealthy and usual things in life if you consider it a positive card. In the end, we advise you to welcome new things in your life by discarding the old belongings.

Know the reversed Death tarot

reversed death tarot cardThe upright death tarot signifies transformation by sacrificing the past and welcoming new opportunities and possibilities. When you get a reading for the reversed position, the card teaches you that you are about to get a meaningful change but you are not allowing it. You can wish to let go of the change. You may not be aware of the change you want in your life. You are getting harmful insights from the past but still, you don’t want to change things. You need to move ahead by ignoring your refusal and stagnated life.

The reversed Death card provides you the opportunity to bring changes in your life. You should not resist change. Explore some great possibilities for your life and welcome them to transform your life by 360 degrees. You need to forget your past and live in the present if you want to make your future brighter. To bring all these changes in your life, you need to follow a positive affirmation like “I embrace change in all forms.” You will see surprising benefits of this positive affirmation in your life.

If you want to understand the reversed Death card on a deeper level, read this part of the content. This card will let you know you are receiving the biggest transformation on both personal and professional levels. You make yourself free of unusual things and allow something new to your life. You can also get reading for a follow-up card to know about the things that you need to release and purge. When you reach a phase of life, you can try to remove fear and wrong beliefs. You may also try to change your habits to adopt a new healthy habit. You can try to heal your mind and body through plant-based medicine and other spiritual healing methods. You can keep it secret until you see its benefits in your life. After that, you can inspire others to do so.

Death tarot as a person

If you consider Death as a person, it is about someone’s personality. It teaches you about your close friends and how they live with you. Your friends may have a spiritual side but they don’t want to share it with others. Death as a person may want to gain knowledge. They can collect their knowledge in their DNA. If someone gets this card in their reading, they may be good at keeping someone’s secrets. They like to be excited and far different from others.

Death in love

If you are getting a love reading and the Death card appears, you may get a message that your love life will continue. You can’t get rid of death. When a Death card appears in love, it may teach you the obsession toward your love. This tarot card teaches you the right time to go back and to move forward.

Death as feelings

When it comes to death, everyone thinks that all is now over. There is nothing to live in life. But there is nothing like that.  Death tarot card encourages you to be strong and make yourself comfortable with the new changes and feelings. It tells you that you don’t need to bound yourself in your feelings, you should move ahead. That’s all.

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