The Hermit Tarot: Meaning Of A Major Arcana Card

The Hermit tarot signifies spiritual awareness, soul searching, self-reflection, self-examination, ambition, and inner guidance. Further, as human beings, we tend to connect to different aspects of life. That is one of the vital things in human life. Sometimes we need to go back in life rather than moving ahead. After all, the Hermit tarot card is the ninth number card of major arcana cards. But you should know that not all people know its real meaning.

Many people think that this tarot card releases negative energy and shows loneliness and uncomfortable things. However, it can be true when the card is in reverse position. The Hermit teaches you to live authentically using your personal power. To know more about this card, kindly look at the following points.

A detailed explanation of the Hermit tarot

If we describe the Hermit tarot card, you will see a hermit on the card. He is on the top of the mountain. He stands alone. The spiritual mystery, growth, and accomplishment of the Hermit are represented by the snow-capped range. He is on the path of self-discovery. On the way of his journey, he will achieve a heightened state of awareness.

the hermit tarot cardIf you look in the right hand of the Hermit, you will see a lantern. The lantern includes a six-pointed star inside. They are a symbol of wisdom. The lantern is showing the path on which the Hermit is moving on. But note that the lamp only lightens a few steps in the journey instead of lightning the entire path at once. Here you can learn that you should go ahead in life until you are able to see and as you reach there you will be able to see another few steps on the path. The Hermit has a long staff in his left hand. The long staff is on the side of his subconscious mind. It represents his power and authority.

The upright Hermit 

The upright Hermit teaches you that you should take a break from your busy life to gain more energy and attention. When your mind is at peace, you are able to explore your knowledge. You need to keep yourself away from the distraction of the outer world. You don’t need to focus on what people say about you, you need to just know who you are. You can self-discover yourself using your inner wisdom and guiding light.

The Hermit teaches you to come back into your private space and introspect yourself. You can go on the journey of self-discovery either alone or with like-minded people. When you look within yourself, you are able to guide yourself using your guiding light.

If this card comes in a tarot reading, you should understand that you are at a crucial point in life and seeking a new direction to move on. You can meditate to go deep within you and to take control of your mind. Further, the upright Hermit helps you identify your desire and come back from the materialistic world. In the end, the Hermit can come to your life as a spiritual mentor to boost your consciousness.

The reversed Hermit

The reversed Hermit tarot represents loneliness, isolation, recluse, being anti-social, and rejection. After all, you can interpret the card in two ways. Either consider it as you have no time to think about whether you are taking too much. For example, if you want to connect to your spiritual powers, the Hermit allows you to meditate and reflect. Here you can go more deeply into your inner world to discover some great potential.

The reversed Hermit teaches to use your loneliness or isolation to discover yourself and spend time with you. If you want to be completely disconnected from the world and live a pure hermit life then keep in mind that having connected to others has its advantages. Living an isolated life doesn’t mean you don’t need to care for other people. You have to keep yourself connected with your family and friends.

Finally, if you are getting a relationship reading for the reversed Hermit Tarot, it can show unwelcome isolation. Here a person may think to isolate themselves from the relationship while others may have the desire to keep connected. You should take care of your relationship and respect others. You can give your best to connect with your loved one. If you are not connected to your family or friends, you need to reconnect with them. That’s all.

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