Know Everything About The Justice Tarot

The Justice tarot card is the eleventh number card in the major arcana. This represents justice, karmic justice, legal disputes, life lessons, injustice, dishonesty, corruption, avoidance, etc. The Justice tarot allows you to settle your old accounts and be a responsible person for your actions. This card teaches you to handle your wrongs and accept your karmic results whether the result is good or bad. This card represents a legal system but all the cases are not settled in court. You learn many life lessons that are not connected with judges and jurors. The most important thing about this card is that it always gives you a fair outcome in which many people are involved.

Important keywords for the Justice tarot

There are some important keywords used to understand this tarot card. It can be understood using two different positions: upright and reversed. Moreover, before we dive into the meaning of upright and reversed Justice tarot, here is a quick overview of the important words related to this card. Let’s see them.

Upright: The upright justice represents fairness, integrity, legal disputes, cause and effect, and life lessons.

Reversed: Injustice, corruption, incompetence, reliability, deceitful practices, and negative karma.

Element: Air

Astrological sign: Libra

Planet: Venus

Important dates: September 23 to October 22

Justice tarot card description

justice tarot cardThe Justice tarot symbolizes truth, fairness, and law. The woman on the card is located in front of a loosely hung purple veil. It represents compassion. She sits between two pillars like the High Priestess and the Hierophant. It shows balance, law, and structure.

If we talk more about the imagery of the card, you see the lady on the card has a sword in the right hand that shows a logical and well-structured mindset. All these things can be used for fair justice. The sword is in the upward direction that means a firm and final decision. The sword has a double-edged blade that means whatever actions you take you get some consequences. If you look at the left hand of the lady, you see scales that teach the importance of intuition. On the head of the justice, you see a crown along with a small square that signifies well-ordered thoughts. She has worn a red robe with a green mantle. You also see a little white show out of her clothing that reminds her of the spiritual consequences.

Understanding the upright Justice 

The upright Justice is all about justice, fairness, truth, and law. You will become responsible for your actions and will be judged in the same way. If you have helped others using your higher self, you don’t need to worry about anything. If you have not helped others then note that you will be responsible for that. Justice will be justice for all. It won’t be of two different types. Justice uses a level of compassion and understanding. If you are regretting after doing something wrong, the card tells that the decision will be taken without bias. You should always keep yourself ready for the consequences of your actions and be accountable for them.

If you want justice in your life, the card is a positive sign that you will get what you want. You might have been involved in a legal case and be waiting for the final judgment. After making a decision, you need to accept it and proceed ahead in your life. You won’t get a retrial or second chance with the upright Justice.

This tarot card usually comes in your tarot reading when you wish to make an important choice using your potential. You should also think about the impact that will come from your decision on your well-being. So, when making any decision, you need to go through with your inner guidance system and ask if you are doing the right. You have to stand with your decision and its consequences. You can also ask a question to yourself: do you support your decision and are ready to go with the consequences? Try to find a place where you can stand with the right and wrong along with integrity and strength.

Finally, the Justice tarot is all about when you are in the search for truth. When you find the truth, you will see that things are not as clear as you thought. Never think of giving up when it comes to finding the truth. Deal with the challenges and return with the right things.

Understanding the reversed Justice

The reversed Justice tarot may show you something that you have not done right. If someone has not observed it yet, you have two options: either you hide it or think that no one will find it. Accept that you have made this mistake and try to resolve the situation. Whatever the situation is, always stand with the consequences until the end.

Also, the reversed Justice shows that you want to blame others for your inconveniences rather than making yourself accountable for the same. You may not live honestly with yourself and others. You will not want to rectify your fears and ego and only think that another person is responsible for that. In that case, you need to evaluate the situation you are currently dealing with and try to identify your responsibility. After you find where you are wrong, you need to give your best when you do it for the next time. In that way, you will be able to make yourself free from any guilt or shame and empower your inner guidance to make yourself better over time.

This card also indicates that your inner critic is working correctly. You can assess your every move and if you think it is wrong, you can stop there. Always live with forgiveness and self-acceptance. Everyone on this planet makes mistakes. If someone is telling you that they don’t make mistakes, you need to keep yourself away from that person. When it comes to talking to others, you can show your kindness and compassion. You need to keep your inner critic alive as it will show you the right path when you think you are the only right person in the world.

Whenever you make any decision, always remember that it will impact others. You need to make a fresh decision from your pure heart and mind without being biased. If you are not able to make a fair decision, you can grab more information from the right source. Finally, if you are in a legal matter, you may have an unfair outcome. You may not receive the desired justice or your legal matter.

justice tarot cardImportant card combinations with the Justice tarot

If you think of pairing the Justice tarot with another tarot card, you can do that. Here we have included some pairs you will want to see.

  • Justice and Magician

You can get a reading with this pair. If some you trust blindly can misguide people to make poor decisions. Further, the Magician tarot might show you a person who can convince you to avoid your moral boundaries and then make decisions. The individual may also restrict you from making yourself better.

  • Justice and Page of Cups

The Page of Cups encourages you to go ahead in life and uplift your loved ones. The combination of these tarot cards allows you to tell the truth without any doubt especially when you are an authority figure.

  • Justice and Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups indicates a complete emotional fulfillment. You may have a happy married life made with trust, honest and proper communication. This combination shows that you will have happy family relationships.

  • Justice and World

These tarot card pairs signify that you will have your dream success in a big city. The World tarot teaches you that you will transform yourself with your adventure.

Most asked FAQs for the Justice tarot

  • What is the meaning of the Justice tarot in a love reading?

The meaning of upright Justice in a relationship is based on how you cared for people in the past. If you have lived with others with kindness and respect, the entire universe will help you find the good things in life. Or what you gave others in your past life, the same thing will return in the present and future.

  • What does the Justice card show for future reading?

When you get a future reading with the Justice tarot, it signifies that your past mistakes will be righted in the future.

  • Is the Justice card a yes or no card?

The justice tarot is neither yes nor no. It is a neutral card.

The Justice card as a person

The Justice tarot shows the law-abiding individuals. They can make important decisions by considering all pros and cons. Such individuals perform excellently when it comes to using words. They also have high value in terms of education. Justice may be practical and important but never defies a romantic and true heart. That is all you will want to know about the Justice tarot. To see its practical benefits, you need to get a reading for the same.

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