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Psychic Oz Review

Psychic Oz: Know Your Future at a Low Rate

When you search online to get a psychic reading service, you will find surprising results from hundreds of websites. Like any other service provided on the web, scammers always try to lure and trick the users who want to access a legit psychic reading platform online. Therefore, it is important to understand that you need to be careful while looking for online psychic programs and other divine reading services. You have to go through a genuine service by ensuring your money’s worth. You have to visit a platform that offers you accurate psychic reading while keeping your personal data and information safe and secured.

psychic oz review

In this world where there are scams and frauds, Psychic Oz is a genuine psychic reading service founded in 1989. This platform has served clients across the world for more than 30 years. Psychic Oz works with expert psychics to help their clients when they need an accurate reading. If we talk more about Psychic Oz, it is increasingly gaining popularity over the years. It has brilliantly grown its network worldwide. This psychic reading platform has satisfied customers who give positive reviews and recommend this platform. After all, it is the client satisfaction and high competencies that make this platform stand out from other online psychic reading networks.

Furthermore, it is one of the oldest psychic services in the industry, Psychic Oz is able to connect with more people by using its reputation and numerous favorable reviews. Overall, this psychic network is famous because of its satisfied customers and expert psychics. If you wish to know more about Psychic Oz, kindly stay with this guide.

Psychic Oz Features and Offerings

The website of Psychic Oz is easily navigable even if you are a beginner. No matter if you are visiting the platform for the first time or you have already visited, you will be able to use all the features with easy navigation. The second important thing about Psychic Oz is it offers an advanced search filter on the website allowing you to categorize psychic professionals according to your need, mode of reading, rates, and other key usages.

If you are interested in getting a psychic reading from this platform, you should know that a reading will be provided to you in the form of emails, online chats, and phone calls. And before the beginning of a session, you are notified about the fee. On this network, psychics can set their own rates. In that way, a user can approach a talented reader in their budget. Psychic Oz doesn’t have any hidden charges and you will be able to see all the reading prices before you make payment. Moreover, if you become a regular user of the platform, you will be eligible for discounts and lucrative deals on your next reading.

What are the types of readings on Psychic Oz?

psychic oz reviewThe platform provides a range of readings you can choose from the right one for you. Psychic Oz has all the standard categories including some unique options if you want to get specific guidance on a particular topic. Below we have included some of the readings offered by this famous psychic reading platform.

  • Love & Relationship

If you want psychic advice on love & relationship, Psychic Oz provides this reading for you by more than 80 expert psychics. Most of the psychics offering love and relationship reading have a rating of 4.5 stars and even more as per endless customer reviews. That means you can expect accurate predictions.

  • Money

If you are struggling with your financial life and want some guidance on your finances, you can visit the platform for your accurate psychic reading. There are more than 50 psychics on the platform specializing in financial reading. Most psychics on the platform have gained 5- stars. So, you can choose any psychic for your financial reading.

  • Astrology

Do you want to know about your astrological life? Do you want to explore what the stars tell about you? You will want to go through an astrological reading. Psychic Oz provides astrology reading services with more than 30 psychics with a specialization in astrology. Most of the astrologists are certified and have gained several positive reviews.

  • Crystals

Crystals are great tools helping the psychic industry for a long time. Psychic Oz has more than 35 readers who specialize in psychic reading using crystals. After all, when you browse the website using these psychic profiles, you will come to know that they are knowledgeable in working with a range of tools along with crystals including tarot reading, runes, pendulums, and energy reading.

  • I-Ching

You might have heard about I-Ching. It is nothing but an ancient Chinese text that refers to the “Book of Changes”. If we talk about this book, it has 64 hexagrams and is used to foretell the future. If you get this service correctly, I-Ching can benefit you in many ways. Psychic Oz is also a psychic who specializes in the same. But unfortunately, the platform has only one psychic for this reading. The name of that psychic is Tula. She has more than 30 years of experience and has successfully gained 4.9 stars with more than 1100 reviews. That means this one individual is enough for you.

Is Psychic Oz trustworthy?  

As you know, Psychic Oz has been famous since 1989. The platform has served for more than 30 years in the field. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t provide you any information about the process of recruiting and screening their psychics. They say that the psychics they hire on the platform are tested for accuracy, professionalism, compassion, and desire to satisfy others.

If we talk about refund policy and satisfaction warranty, the platform may not offer anything like this. But they allow you to contact them through their Contact Us page if there is any concern about the quality of reading. It may not be useful for many but at least Psychic Oz is allowing you to contact in case you don’t get quality reading.

Psychic Oz Pricing

psychic oz reviewFirst of all, Psychic Oz introduces an introductory package only for new customers. That means you are visiting the platform for the first time you are eligible to purchase reading minutes at a discounted rate. After all, if you want a phone reading, you will be charged less than $1 for a minute. On the other hand, if you get an email reading, you are charged $4.99. Also, the platform allows the new customers to get three minutes for free on their first reading.

When you finish your introductory phase, you need to go through fixed rates no matter which reader you select to get a reading. So, if you get phone readings, you will need to pay $2.99 per minute. The email reading requires you to pay $9.99 per minute.

Note that you are allowed to ask only one question per email reading. If you mention several questions in one email, the reader will only answer the first question and may ask you to send another email for other questions.

How can you use Psychic Oz?

It is extremely easy to get started with Psychic Oz. This platform doesn’t require you to make a purchase to sign up like others. You can freely register here without paying any membership fees.

After all, after you make your free account, you have to feel your email address and a password. On the following screen, you will need to verify your phone number through the code you receive on your mobile number.

As you know that you can get a reading through phone, chat, and email. But you can only connect with some physics via chat.

The website includes a feature called “Notify Me”. This feature enables you to connect to your selected psychic as they are available for a phone reading. When you connect using your phone number, the platform doesn’t share your phone number with a psychic you have to connect with.

You can also connect to a psychic through email. Again, the platform keeps your email address secret. As you know that you can ask only one question in a message. You need to send another message to ask more questions. As you send your message, you will get a response from an individual psychic in the next 72 hours. If the psychic doesn’t respond to you in 72 hours, your deducted amount will be refunded to you. One thing that you will like about this website, you get organized psychic profiles. On every psychic profile, you can find detailed information about a particular psychic. That’s all. This is all you need to know about Psychic Oz.

Bottom Line

If you are in search of a simple psychic reading platform and easily understandable pricing, you are good to go with Psychic Oz. What the platform says to you provides the same without any hidden matters. While a chat reading may be disappointing for you, the platform still provides phone and email reading service. After all, Psychic Oz will be worth consideration for you.