The Devil Tarot Card: Meaning For Love, Health, Money & More

The Devil tarot card gives different meanings based on how and where it is found in a tarot reading. Further, this tarot card represents ambitions and also indicates some synonymous meanings like temptation, addiction, and depression. This Devil tarot is a major arcana card that comes on the fifteenth number. It represents human desires that are directly connected to the materialistic world. This tarot card signifies a negative relationship. This relationship can be with others or self. It explains some of your feelings and secrets. If the Devil comes in your tarot reading, it doesn’t mean that something wrong will happen to you.

Instead, this card encourages you to look at your life and work on the areas that require improvement. The Devil card doesn’t work like a threatening element in your life. It just lets you know about your poor choices and bad habits. You should know that we all have come across this devil in our life. The moment of weakness, we experience in our life is nothing but a devil. After all, all human beings don’t have the same weakness as it changes from person to person. Someone has a weakness for a particular thing while others have a weakness for a particular person. Moreover, there is more to learn about the Devil tarot. You can stay with this article to understand the Devil tarot in detail.

Important keywords for the Devil tarot

the devil tarot cardThe Devil tarot card comes with some important keywords. These keywords represent both the positive and negative sides of this tarot card. So, before you connect this card with love, career, life, and relationship, you should know these keywords.

Upright: Material focus, trapped in bondage, addiction, depression, negative thinking, betrayal

Reversed: Dealing with addiction independence, reclaiming power, detachment, freedom

Planet: Saturn

Affirmation: The Divine intent is my intent

Description of the Devil tarot

The imagery of the Devil tarot has Baphomet or the Horned Goat of Mendes. They are nothing but a creature that is half man and half goat. These creatures were used to create a balance between good and evil along with male and female and human and animal. But now they are connected to the occult and used as a scapegoat.

Furthermore, you will see the wings of a vampire bat on the back of the Devil. The vampire bat is nothing but an animal that can take the lifeblood of its prey. It symbolizes the things that may happen to you when you become a follower of your raw desires. The Devil has a hypnotic stare that attracts the people who come closer to him. On his head, you see an inverted pentagram that symbolizes the darker side of magic and occultism. The Devil has raised his right hand to give a Jewish blessing. If you look at his left hand, you find a lit torch.

If you look at the foot of the Devil, you see a man and a woman. Both these individuals are naked and tied through a chain to the podium. The Devil has sat on the podium. They have chained against their will. The chain around their neck seems loose. That means they can easily remove the chain and make themselves free. Both men and women have small horns on their heads. The horns on their head signify that they will become like the devil if they stay there longer. They also have tails that show their animalistic tendencies and raw instinct. You will also see grapes and fire on their tails indicating pleasure and lust.

The upright Devil Tarot

the devil tarot cardThe upright Devil shows your darker side including the negative forces and tells you that they can stop you from going ahead in life and doesn’t allow you to make the best version of yourself. You might have negative habits, dependencies, behaviors, thought patterns, relationships, and addictions. You need to learn how to overcome all these negative things. You will want to go with short-term pleasure and avoid pain from long-term experiences. The Devil tarot encourages you to not choose the path of instant gratification. You need to follow the path that is right for you and save your life in the long run.

The Devil tarot may appear in a tarot reading when you have no control over yourself and you are in control of your negative forces. You may not get free from this bondage. You live your life in that way because you think that it is right for you. After all, you better know that your bad habits can spoil your life but still, you are bonded to your cheap needs and desires. If you want to break the negative patterns in your life, you need to understand their impact on your life and how they are ruling your life. To get rid of any bad habits, you need to first admit that you are not doing the right things. Admit that you have become powerless and you are not able to manage your life.

If the upright Devil appears in your tarot reading, you don’t need to be afraid. Consider this card as an opportunity and grab the negative influences in your conscious awareness. Once you grab the negative influences, you will be able to make yourself free from their hold. You should use your light for the negative patterns in order to take them away from you. You know that the Devil is a major arcana card. That means you can’t get rid of your negative feelings overnight. You should have the patience to eliminate your addictions and dependencies. When you keep trying to make yourself free, you will be able to gain willpower and strength, and over time you will get success in getting rid of negative influences.

The positive side of the Devil tarot also explains a powerful attachment between two individuals like a mother and her newborn baby. But keep in mind that this powerful relationship may turn into an unhealthy one if you lose connection with your inner guidance. That is why you need to take care of your personal boundaries.

The upright Devil also shows sexuality and your wild side. You may be in contact with bondage, fetishes, and your deepest darkest fantasies. If you are able to manage all these things in a safe and sacred space, you will feel confident. But you need to always be aware of the negative side of your life. It can come to your life anytime. So whenever you think you can contact negative forces, you need to practice positive approaches to deal with them.

The reversed Devil Tarot

The reversed Devil can appear in your tarot reading when you are on the verge of a breakthrough. You can have the highest potential to deal with negative elements but first, you have to handle your unhealthy attachments and limiting beliefs. These things won’t allow you to move ahead in your life. Further, it is obvious that when you try to upgrade yourself, you must come in contact with your shadows. But you don’t have to stop here. You have to make your life better by overcoming any kind of addiction, unhealthy relationships, and disengaging your career. If you have held any limiting beliefs in yourself, you need to throw them out as they will not allow you to grow in your life.

The reversed Devil encourages you to face your inner fears and anxieties. When you can confront your fears, you can easily break the chain of your limiting beliefs and unhealthy attachments. Find out the things that can spoil your life and make yourself away from those things. You may have many kinds of bad habits. You may try to follow a healthier diet, watching less television, quitting smoking, and spending quality time with your loved ones. You can take advantage of this opportunity to make many positive changes in your life and to get the freedom you want from your life.

The negative side of the Devil tarot helps you when you are in the darkest places and you have no idea where you are. When you follow the path guided by the Devil, you gain strength, confidence, and courage. The reversed devil also indicates that you are hiding your deepest and darkest secret from others or yourself and want to keep it secret. You may also want to hide those habits from others if you think you are not comfortable showing them to others.

In the end, the reversed Devil teaches you how to use the Buddhist principle to detach from an individual. Here you learn how to get rid of those things that don’t matter to you whether it is your desire, an individual, or a particular thing. Knowing how to detach from others doesn’t mean you don’t care for others. You just learn how to make yourself free from dependence on them. You may also find strong energy that will help you to fast overcome bad habits. That’s all you will want to know about the Devil tarot card.

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