Know Everything About The Emperor Tarot Card

The Emperor Tarot CardThe Emperor tarot card is the major arcana card that comes on the four number. This card is like a father of the tarot deck. This tarot card is a symbol of the highest leadership that represents power, strength, and success. The Emperor foretells that you will have a level of status like a leader. They encourage you to become strong, hardworking, and brave. If you focus on these things, success will no longer be away from you. And if you only wish to achieve success in business and life but are not ready to sacrifice anything, the distance between success and you will become far from you.

More about the Emperor tarot card

As the Empress tarot is like a mother of the tarot deck. Just like that, the Emperor tarot is like a father of the tarot deck. The Emperor has sat on a large stone throne. He has been embellished with four rams’ heads that show his connection with Aries and the planet Mars. If you look at the right hand of the Emperor, he holds an ankh (the Egyptian symbol of life). In the left hand, he holds an orb that represents his ruled world.

The Emperor has worn a red robe that indicates that he has power, passion, and life energy. He is equipped with an armor suit showing protection against any threat. He also holds a long white beard that shows his old age along with his years of experience and wisdom. The gold crown of the Emperor shows his authoritative power.

If you look behind the throne, you see a tall and heavy mountain range. It shows that the Emperor owns a solid foundation. He can resist many critical situations of life. A river flow is also seen beneath the peak that gives you life-saving hopes.

The upright version of the Emperor tarot

As you know the Emperor tarot is like a father of the tarot deck. He encourages you to adopt this fatherly role in your life that comes with a lot of responsibilities. You can adopt a fatherly role no matter if you are male or female. By doing so, you can care for your loved ones. You can be a hero for the people who believe in your stability and security.

Further, the Emperor card symbolizes the power of a leader who has respect and authority. That may come true in your personal life. You also want to become powerful and gain status, power, and recognition. As a powerful person, you can command and direct the world. Fortunately, if you gain such fame and recognition, you should manage it with your fair hand. You don’t need to be proud of your leadership. As a leader, it is your responsibility to listen to others and help them in their needs. You can be fearful of conflict. You should always keep yourself ready to use your powers to protect those who care about you.

The Emperor tarot also teaches you how to follow rules and regulations of the kingdom. As a leader, you need to be more knowledgeable about the world.

The reversed version of the Emperor tarot

The reversed position of the tarot card asks you to know how you are connected with power, control, authority, discipline, and responsibility. Further, you may have too many or too few of these elements. The reversed Emperor tarot represents the domineering and rigid thinking of the emperor. The card will teach you if you are overusing or abusing your authoritative powers. You can see such things in your boss or business partner.

When you become a leader, your power is everything for you. You don’t have to use your power in a way so others can’t feel powerless. You also don’t have to use your personal power on someone else. Your power is for the sake of the whole kingdom you are ruling one.

The reverse position of the tarot card also signifies that someone wants to make you their leader but you are getting yourself away from it. After all, when the reversed Emperor tarot pops up in a tarot reading, you need to think about your goals and self-discipline. You have to prepare yourself to get the job done.

If you are getting a relationship reading, you can learn from the reversed Emperor that you may feel unhappy in the long term. That’s all you will want to know about the Emperor tarot card.

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