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The Empress Tarot Card

The Empress Tarot Card: Learn The True Meaning

The Empress Tarot CardThe Empress tarot card represents femininity and motherhood. It comes under the major arcana card. This card is also considered the strongest pregnancy card in the entire tarot deck. Further, if you are a father, the Empress tarot card encourages you to establish nurturing communication with your children. A mother can also benefit from this card.

The Empress tarot teaches you to focus on your softer side enabling you to feel and listen to your intuition. You will also be able to attract other people who want empathy, compassion, and nurturing.

More about the Empress tarot card

On the Empress tarot card, you will see a woman sitting on a throne. The Empress is a beautiful woman. She has blonde hair and a peaceful aura. If you look at her head, you will see that she has worn a crown of twelve stars. The twelve stars symbolize that she is connected with the mystical realm and the cycles of the natural world. The gown she has worn is designed with pomegranates and is a symbol of fertility. She has a luxurious array of cushions and flowing red velvet to sit over. If you see the cushion carefully, you find that it has the symbol of Venus and the planet of love. The cushion also represents creativity, fertility, beauty, and grace.

The Empress is surrounded by a lush forest and winding stream. That shows that she is connected to mother earth and life. She learns a sense of peace from the things like the trees and the water. She is fulfilled with the energy of nature. If we talk about the foreground, it shows golden wheat that is growing from the soil, which is a sign of abundance.

What is the meaning of the upright position of the Empress card?

Both the positions of the Empress tarot card have different meanings. First of all, you will learn the meaning of the upright. The card represents femininity, nurturing, fertility and abundance. The Empress is strongly connected with our femininity. If we talk about femininity, it gives us different meanings. It can be translated into elegance, sensuality, fertility, creative expression, and nurturing. These are the elements that are required to balance both men’s and women’s lives. The upright Empress encourages you to keep in touch with your feminine energy. She also tells you that you should connect with your senses with the help of taste, touch, sound, smell, and sight. You can take advantage of the senses to find pleasure and fulfillment. The Empress tarot card teaches you to live with your partner with love, care, and support. You can go closer to your partner by spending quality time with them. Further, you can express yourself through your creativity like painting, music, and other types of art.

Furthermore, the Empress teaches you about abundance. That means you have everything to lead a happy and successful life. If you observe yourself you find all kinds of luxuries and pleasures. The Empress also asks you to explore mother nature.

What is the meaning of the reversed position of the Empress card?

When you interpret the Empress card by reversing it, you have a different meaning. The reverse position represents dependence, smothering, and emptiness. The Empress teaches you self-love and self-care. That means you need to love and care for yourself first and then you will be able to love and care for others. In simple terms, once you learn the importance of care and love, you can then take care of others.

You can also connect with nature and mother earth. Try to spend some time on a beach or park in a natural setting. Notice the fine details of nature like new leaves budding on the trees.

The reversed Empress Card also says that you are dealing with some creative blocks. For example, when you try to introduce a new idea, you are not able to express it correctly. In that situation, you may be worried about whether or not you will succeed in your idea. After all, if you are facing creative blocks just because of what other people think, you can handle it smartly. For now, you don’t have to think about others. You need to go with the flow of your creative energy.

The reversed Empress also teaches you to love your body, color, and shape what God has provided to you. After all, if you are in a relationship, you are responsible for caring for both your partner and children. That’s all about the Empress tarot card.

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