A Complete Guide For The Lovers Tarot Card

the lovers tarot cardThe Lovers tarot card is all about love, soulmates, kindred spirits, perfect unions, partnerships, relationships, romance, sexual connections, and desire. After all, if you get the Lovers tarot during a reading, it may be the sign of some powerful things related to personal and intimate relationships. The Lovers tarot is a major arcana card that comes on the sixth number. It takes you through the different aspects of love life and soulmate situations. The Lovers tarot reading will be helpful for you whether or not you can seek love advice. This article will help you explore a detailed meaning of the Lovers tarot through both upright and reversed positions.

What is the Lovers tarot card?

When you take the Lovers tarot card and observe it, you will see a naked man and woman who are standing beneath the angel, Raphael. The meaning of this name is ‘God heals’ showing both physical and emotional healing. Both man and woman receive the blessing of the angel who teaches them to unite with the divine.

Both the male and female individuals are on a fertile landscape, reminiscent of the garden of Eden. An apple tree is located behind the woman. A snake is wrapped in the apple tree. The snake and the apple tree signify sensual pleasures if one takes away their attention from the divine. You find a tree of flames behind the man that shows passion which is the leading concern of most people. The total number of flames is twelve. They show the twelve zodiac signs which are the symbol of time and eternity. The man is looking at the woman. That represents the path of physical desire to emotional needs to spiritual concerns.

You see a volcanic mountain in the background. This mountain is a sign that when both man and woman are intimate in full nudity, it may be the eruption of passion.

Understanding the upright Lovers

The true meaning of the upright Lovers is all about meaningful relationships and conscious connections. If this card comes in your tarot reading, it is a sign that you will have a soul-honoring connection with your loved one. You may have a soulmate or a life partner. The sexual energy with your soulmate can go beyond instant gratification and lust. While the Lovers tarot card explains a romantic relationship, it can also be represented as a close friendship or family relationship that is based on love and respect.

The upright Lovers represent open communication and honesty. You see a naked man and woman on the card. They teach you how they are connected to each other in such a vulnerable state and comfortably sharing their truest feelings. The Lovers also teach something crucial on a personal level. You learn the importance of values and beliefs.

The upright Lovers teach you to choose a life partner of your choice. How you select one in your life will live with you forever. To get the right partner, you need to be fully aware of your beliefs and values. After all, the Lovers tarot tells you that you need to unite as a whole. You are not away from your soulmate.

Understanding the reversed Lovers

The reversed Lovers tarot card represents pure love and harmony. It tells you that there will be a time when you are away from the people around you, especially your loved ones. You learn that your partner may not feel what you feel about them showing a relationship that is not mutual. A gap in a relationship may create other problems for both.

It teaches you about self-love and respect. You learn that you should respect and care for your loved ones. According to Dr. John Demartini, if you find a particular quality in other people, you need to look at yourself as you may also have the same quality.

Appearing the reversed Lovers in a tarot reading tells you that you may come across a touch choice in your life. So, you should always make important decisions based on your values.

During a reading of the reversed Lovers, they will tell you about your inner conflicts. So, you can learn that you need to calm your inner conflicts rather than think about external forces. You have to create a balance with your inner union. Finally, if you want to lead a successful love life, you need to see the reality as it is without comparing it with your personal beliefs. That’s all.

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