The Star Tarot Meaning: The Seventeenth Major Arcana Card

The Star tarot represents hope and faith. It shows trust and understanding when one connects to the universe. The card explains the balance that is used by the world and the immense benefits of harmonious nature. After all, when you see a falling star, you may make a wish. And many people do the same. If you want a glimmer of hope, the Star tarot is made for you. As you know this card is always associated with optimism, hope, and renewed faith. That means that you can take advantage of it in calm and peace.

If you are in a tough time in life, you don’t need to lose hope. You will soon gain motivation and touch the height of possibilities again. In the entire tarot deck, the Star works as light at the end of the tunnel. You can have the Star in your life to guide you in the right direction. Moreover, the Star signifies hope in all situations. You may want to see the signs of promise in your current situation. If you want to quit your dreams because of some reason then remember that you will get results if you keep going on the right path. Your tarot card teaches you that you may need to wait a little longer to get your desired results. After all, stay here if you want to connect your life to the Start tarot.

Important Keywords For The Star Tarot

Before going ahead to under the card, you need to know some important keywords for the Tower tarot. These keywords represent both the positive and negative sides of the card. There are also some astrological connections of the card and we will mention all these things below.

Upright: Hope, creativity, inspiration, generosity, healing, contentment, spirituality, and positivity

Reversed: Despair, hopelessness, boredom, monotony, negativity, lack of creativity, lack of faith

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Air

star tarot cardDescription for the Imagery of the Star tarot     

If you look at the imagery of the Star  tarot card, you see a naked woman who has kneeled at the side of a small pool. On her left and right hand, you will see two containers of water. She is using the water to nourish the earth to continue the cycle of fertility. You will also see the lush greenery around her. She is pouring the water of the other container on the dry land and the water goes through the five rivulets.

The woman on the Start tarot has put her foot in two different places. Her one foot is on the ground and the other one in the water. She wants to show her practical abilities and good common sense by putting her one foot on the ground. On the other hand, she wants to represent her intuition and inner resources by putting her other foot in the water. As you know she is naked at the pool. Her nudeness represents her purity and vulnerability under the grandness of the starry night. A star is shining behind her showing her essence. And another seven stars symbolize the chakras.

Meaning of the Upright Star

You should know that the Star tarot follows the Tower card in the tarot deck. That means the Star brings hope to your life after massive destruction and turmoil. You have faced a lot of challenges in your life but now you are not limited just because of your beliefs. You have broken the limitation of your beliefs that restricts you to move ahead in your life. Now you know your importance and realize your essence irrespective of all layers. It doesn’t matter to you whatever things come your way because you are not associated with the divine and pure loving energy. You gain a new sense of self and a new appreciation.

The upright Star introduces hope and faith in your life and tells you that you are blessed by the universe. After massive destruction, you are about to enter a world of loving phases that is filled with calm energy and mental stability. The time has come to life you are looking for a long time. You will take advantage of significant personal growth and development. You will get all these benefits because the universe is helping you.

The positive side of the card represents anything possible and magic around you. When you know that your dream is about to come true, the hope you have for your future is fulfilled here. That is why it is said that never lose your hope. It is the only thing that lives with you anytime without needing any money and conditions. After all, your soul gets uplifted when you know that the chances are high your dream will come true. So, the Star tarot encourages you to dream, to aspire, and to elevate your life up to the stars. They are not away from you if you are not hopeless.

This card teaches you to explore a sense of meaning, inspiration, and purpose in your life. Using your hope and positive mind, you can make major changes in your life. You can transform your life and give it a new beginning with your fresh perspective. With all these things, you will be able to gain the highest version of yourself. After all, this is a fundamental spiritual journey that makes your life meaningful and brings a new purpose in your life by renewing your inner energy. Don’t go with your limiting beliefs or deceptions and use the authentic nature to give a new start to your life. When you reach this stage of life, you are able to listen to your still voice.

The upright Star encourages you to become a generous spirit. That means if you have more than you need, you should share with the needy ones. You can share your wealth with others to transform their lives. Through your open heart, you can return the blessings to others that you have gained from the universe.

reversed star tarot cardMeaning of the reversed Star 

The reversed Star signifies that you have no faith and hope in the universe. When you go through life challenges, you might be overwhelmed by why these situations are in your life and restricting you from going ahead. It is not a secret that life may give you curveballs. But you should think about why you are getting these things. You can ask the universe to give you some reprieve but are not able to see the divine is on your side. You can see whether the divine is on your side or not by looking harder. You may not see the divine but they are always there. In that case, all you need to do is to see deep within yourself and then analyze whether it is a blessing or a punishment.

Sometimes, the reversed Star tarot card may take a test of your faith. When you come in contact with a challenging situation in your life, it is in your hand to crumble like the Tower tarot or keep yourself firm to deal with the situation. Here you can also find the divine. This situation teaches you an important lesson. Here you learn that you should trust both yourself and the universe. After all, you are like a vessel for the Divine and when you are confident and faithful about yourself, the divide will shine through you.

The reversed Star represents that you are disappointed with your life or its elements like work, hobbies, relationships, and personal projects. You have started your life journey to achieve a particular goal with a great vision and enthusiasm but as time is passing you are getting overwhelmed and bored from your day-to-day routines. The reversed Star is also related to your career when you are not able to connect to the work you need to do and think of giving it up. But you don’t have to do anything like this. You need to keep connected with your purpose for a lifetime and live in hope and faith. You have to find happiness in your daily life that will give you new sources of inspiration.

Now we have reached the final meaning of the Star tarot card. In the end, you learn that you should take your time to care for yourself and your loved ones and gain nourishment on both personal and spiritual levels. You may have no energy to go ahead or you have completely depleted. In that case, you have to take a break and give some time to yourself. Go on a holiday, watch some movies and connect to nature to refresh your mind. By doing so, you can connect with your inner essence that will help you to restart your life. You can also participate in a purification ritual and nourish yourself on a deeper level. That’s all you need to know about the Star tarot card. To know more about how it is connected to your life, you can get reading from a professional. After all, this guide will help you to some extent.

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