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The Strength Tarot

The Strength Tarot: What Does It Mean?

strength tarot cardThe Strength tarot card is a major arcana card that represents inner strength, courage, bravery, confidence, compassion, and control. It comes on the eighth number. It is connected with the element fire and the planet Sun. Leo, an astrological sign, represents it. This card shows many qualities other than being strong. The term ‘fortitude’ was used to describe Strength in the past. Strength is when you can maintain composure even if you are under pressure and able to work while forgiving others. After all, if this card comes in your tarot reading, you should understand that you can use your stamina and patience to overcome challenges coming in your career and relationships. Keep reading it to learn more about the Strength tarot card.

More about the Strength tarot

If you want to describe the Strength tarot, observe the imagery. You see a woman in a white robe. She has a lion that is gently stroked by her through its forehead and jaws. What the woman is doing with the lion is a sign of ferociousness. But she has the ability to tame the lion using her compassion, love, patience, and cunning mind. Virtually, you won’t see any effort.

The lion represents raw passions and desires. These are the things that are connected to your consciousness on an instinctive level. If we talk about the woman, she is representing higher spiritual energy. She is able to control her intrinsic urges.

The Strength tarot also represents feminine powers. Feminine power is related to gentleness and self-control. With the help of these things, anyone can tame a violent animal. The white robe of the woman shows her real purity of spirit. She also wears a belt and crown of yellow flowers and roses. They symbolize a complete and fantastic expression of nature.

If you see above the woman’s head, you will see the symbol of infinity that you find in the Magician tarot card. The infinity sign represents endless potential. The Strength tarot is able to demonstrate her desire for the new power.

What does the upright Strength tarot say?

Like the Chariot tarot, the Strength shows determination and power. Unlike the Chariot tarot, the upright Strength indicates the inner strength and the human spirit that can be used to deal with obstacles. The real strength is when you know how to tackle any life-related obstacles. You might have great stamina and persistence. You may also know how to balance like when two similar situations emerge. When this card appears in your reading, it is a sign that your commitment to do a particular thing will help you succeed in the long run.

You can utilize your strength to boost your confidence, helping you overcome your fear, challenges, and doubts. You don’t need to go away from fear. You have to face it with your strength. If you are dealing with any unfavorable life situation and you become stressed, you can use your inner strength to balance your life.

The upright Strength also teaches that you can make any animal tame using your instincts, raw emotions, and gut reactions. That’s all about the upright Strength tarot.

What does the reversed Strength tarot mean?

The reversed Strength tarot explains inner strength, self-esteem, and self-belief. When this card appears in your tarot reading, you can learn how to overflow with self-confidence and how to balance your personal and professional life.

Further, if a setback has come in your life, you may feel a lack of self-confidence. You may also think about giving up at this time. But note that during a setback in your life, you will have to look at the core strength that always lives with you regardless of the situation you have in your life. Remember that while the god makes you helpless in some situations, you may look for a passage to go beyond your limits.

Sometimes, you should also check your energy levels. You may feel that you have nothing to achieve your life goal. After all, the reversed card also encourages you to restart your mind and body to generate energy. You can also take some rest to restore your vital energy and gain strength.

Finally, the reversed Strength tarot also shows that you might have explosive behavior that can make others aggressive. So, you should always react with a proper decision and knowledge about what you are doing and what the consequences will be. In that way, you won’t need to regret later for your bad behavior or words. That’s all about the Strength tarot.

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