The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot: What You Need To Know About It

The Wheel of Fortune is a tarot card that can represent the tarot in general. This card is deeply connected with Greek mythology and three women known as the Fates. This is the tenth number card of the major arcana cards. You won’t see any actual people on the card. It represents destiny and fate. If you find this card in your tarot reading, you can now use the wheel to spin in your favor. The upright Wheel of Fortune represents chance, destiny, fate, karma, and life cycles. The reversed Wheel of Fortune symbolizes lousy luck, upheaval, setbacks, and external forces. If you want to go deep within this tarot card, keep reading this guide.

Knowing the Wheel of Fortune in detail

On the Wheel of Fortune tarot card, you will see a giant wheel consisting of three figures on the outer edges. You see four Hebrew letters called YHVH that explain Yod, Heh, Vau, and Heh. These are the names of God that can’t be pronounced. You will also see the letter TORA that can be a form of the word Torah. It represents the law in the tarot card. The middle wheel symbolizes mercury, sulfur, water, and salt. They are the building elements that have formative power.

wheel of fortune tarot card1If we talk about the outer circle, there is a snake. It is the god of evil that is coming down on the left side. On the right side, you will see Anubis, the Egyptian God of the dead. If you look at the top of the wheel, you will see the Sphinx showing knowledge and strength.

You see four-winged creatures in the corner. All these creatures are linked with the Zodiac sign. The wings of the creatures represent stability in movement and change.

The upright Wheel of Fortune

The upright Wheel of Fortune teaches you that human life is always moving. Your life changes when it is in a state of constant. If a difficult time has come to your life, your life will get better from here. You shouldn’t wait for a good luck, you need to keep doing what you want to achieve in your life. On the other hand, if things are going in your favor, it will also change. The wheel teaches you that you should try to make the most out of the blissful moments in your life when you can reach them.

This tarot card also signifies the wheel of karma and lets you know that if something is moving on, it will go around everything. That means if you love and care for someone, someone will also love and care for you. The Wheel of Fortune teaches you that you need to be optimistic in every situation of life and think as if the universe is taking care of you.

You should also keep your hand open to help others. It will give you both physical and spiritual strength. You can learn how to take control and stability. This card tells that the things that are not in your control will impact your situation.

wheel of fortune tarot card1The reversed Wheel of Fortune

The reversed Wheel of Fortune represents that your luck and fortune will take a turn for the worst. You can see some unfavorable changes in your life that may make you helpless. Here, you can do two different things. Whether you sit idle and wait to change things or take actionable steps on your own and change the things to make your life better.

Further, when you start taking responsibility for your life and stop claiming others for any mishappenings in your life, you start making yourself better from that day. Try to learn from every situation of your life and implement that learning in the future.

The reversed Wheel teaches you to make changes in your life from time to time. When you try to change something for the first time, you may experience significant stress. But over time, it will be a habit for you. Don’t hesitate to accept changes in your life. If you ignore changes, you won’t be able to upgrade yourself.

The positive side of the reversed Wheel may be that you can break negative cycles in your life. You can also introspect yourself about how you should react to a particular situation. Finally, you never have to wait for a good time in life. Good times never come until you make it happen. That’s all the Wheel of Fortune.

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