Full Explanation of The Tower Tarot Card

The Tower tarot card is a major arcana card that comes on the sixteenth number. This card has different meanings through both positive and negative aspects. Both the upright and reversed version of the card connect to different aspects of your life. Like the Devil and the Death tarot, it is considered a scary card in the entire tarot deck especially when it takes the future position. If you have found the Tower tarot in your reading, you may wonder if you are around to gain a loss.

This major arcana card brings major disruption but it is only for your betterment. In general, the Tower card symbolizes the falling apart of the false ego. This card wants to give you a message. And the message is that if you build something on a poor foundation, it will fall one day. But note that anything falls for a purpose. This falling apart may be related to something new and better. After all, there is no need to panic. You should welcome the change and new beginning with full enthusiasm. Do you want to know how the Tower tarot can impact your life? You can stay here to learn how the Tarot tarot card can influence your life.

Keywords For The Tower Tarot Card

Like other tarot cards, the Tower tarot card also represents some important keywords. These keywords are related to the positive and negative aspects of the card. They can give you an idea about how this card works for you.

Upright: Chaos, destruction, sudden upheaval, trauma, confusion, pain, abuse, violence, natural disasters.

Reversed: Avoiding tragedy, averting disaster, resisting change, avoiding loss, delaying the inevitable.

Planet: Saturn and Uranus

Element: Fire  

Yes/No: No

Description For The Tower Tarot

tower tarot cardOn the Tower tarot card, you see a tall tower that is situated on the top of a rocky mountain. A lightning strike occurs around the building. Two people are found jumping from the windows. They jump by turning their head first and arm fully extended. This imagery is all about chaos and destruction.

You know that the Tower is a solid structure and usually built on a strong foundation. But you see its foundation is located on a shaky structure, it can’t save itself from a single bolt of a lightning strike. You can relate this incident to those ambitions and goals that are based on false premises.

After all, the lightning strike signifies a sudden increase in energy that can cause a breakthrough or revelation. The lightning strike happens at the top of the building and goes to the bottom line. It represents that the energy flow is moving down from the universe using the crown chakra. People don’t want to reside in burning buildings. They want to escape as soon as possible but they don’t know what will happen to them when they fall. After all, you will notice around 22 flames around them. These flames symbolize 12 signs of the zodiac and 10 points of the tree of life. All these things show that even if you are in a disaster, you should remember that divine intervention is always with you.

Understand The Upright Tower Tarot

If the Tower tarot appears in your tarot reading, it signifies that you will expect the unexpected, huge change, outbreak, sabotage, and turmoil. This card signifies major destruction to your life. The destruction can be anything from divorce, death of your loved ones, financial failure, health issues, natural incidents, career issues, and anything that devastates your core foundation and spoils your both mental and physical health. You should know that you can’t escape from these incidents. You will need to go through it at any cost. Changes always happen to human beings for their well-being. There is not anything wrong with it. You just have to keep patience and one day you will have your highest good.

When you are in your comfort zone and think you are almost safe, a moment like Tower comes to your life and spoils everything. A lightning bolt is required in your life to give you clarity when you need it. A clarity and honest insight can save you from lies and illusions you are living with for a long time. All your empire will crash down in front of you in a way you have never imagined. You will realize that you have built the building of your life on a poor foundation, mistruths, assumptions, illusions, blatant lies, and more. It is not necessary that whatever you think needs to be true.

Further, you can also ask yourself questions like what is right and what is wrong. On which thing you can rely safely. Doing all these things is not easy especially when your entire belief system is at risk. But as time passes, you will come to know that the belief you think is right for you was based on a false understanding. In that case, you need to rely on your new belief system that is based on reality.

If you don’t let someone destroy your life, you need to do it yourself. That means you have to self-destruct the wrong things in your life and then rebuild and refocus yourself. Further, you have no options other than surrendering yourself to the Tower tarot whether the result is painful or pleasing. Making some changes on this deep level is easy. But you should trust in your life. Whatever the things that happen to your life are only for your betterment. Any destruction in your life brings new possibilities and opportunities.

After experiencing destruction like the Tower, you will become stronger, wiser, and more resilient. These things will help you develop a new perspective in your life. You can also take advantage of these moments to gain spiritual growth and enlightenment. Your truth and honesty will reward you with a positive change. But getting all these things is not possible without pain, trouble, and destruction.

Finally, the Tower tarot card is not always linked with pain and turmoil. If you are a highly aware person and always follow your inner guidance system, then this card might bring a spiritual awakening to your life. When you are always in a state of high awareness, you may be able to find the early signs of cracks in your life and take the required actions to save the structure from tumbling. Before destiny spoils your life, you will be able to take your own stand to save your life. If we talk about the most positive form of the Tower tarot card, it gives an opportunity to throw all the things from your life that are restricting you from moving ahead.

Understand The Reversed Tower Tarot

tower tarot cardThe reversed Tower tarot card symbolizes that you will be able to perform a personal transformation and upheaval. It shows some changes in your life that come from external circumstances. When the reversed Tower comes in your tarot reading, you will stimulate the change and understand your fundamental assumptions, values, mission, and meaning. You may take advantage of a spiritual awakening that you will achieve on the new spiritual path. You will also like to upgrade your beliefs and opinions about a particular thing after you realize that your old beliefs are no longer useful. The reversed Tower encourages you to question your life purpose. While the changes will take time, you need to trust yourself and your life will return in a new version of yourself.

The reversed Tower tarot also signifies that you are not allowing changes in your life. You are delaying the necessary destruction and upheaval. Even after knowing the truth, you are not ready to accept changes. You are following the old belief system even if you know they are no longer useful and healthy for your physical and mental health. After all, if you want to learn some important life lessons, you will have to allow changes in your life. Otherwise, you will face major destruction in your life. You should know that the transformation that the Tower tarot brings to your life can be avoided. Anyhow you have to accept it. Nothing will help you get rid of it.

In the end, the reversed Tower tarot teaches you how you can minimize the effect of changes that are about to happen to your life. But it only happens when you follow your intuition. You can gain such power that will let you know about any mishap that may happen to your life. Once your intuitive sense forewarns you about something big in your life, you can think about how to deal with them.

That’s all you will want to know about the Tower tarot card. Any tarot card in the tarot deck has both positive and negative effects on your life. They help you take your life in the right direction. After all, the best way to make the most out of a tarot card is to get a reading.

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