Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Two of Swords is a minor arcana card that appears in your tarot reading when an obstacle comes to your life. The problem may not be easy for you to overcome. You will have to make a lot of effort from your side to get rid of the problem. You may be stuck in a situation and are unable to navigate the right path. On the arrival of this card in your tarot reading, you find yourself struggling to avoid a difficult, stressful, and painful decision. This card also talks about broken loyalties, relationships, and situations. If we talk about the negative side of this card, it stands for indecision, delays, and postponement. You may be surrounded by anxiety, depression, and fear but are not getting a way out of it. After all, if you want to learn more about this tarot card, kindly read the article further.

Keywords of the Two of Swords

Upright: Stalemate, time to think, crossroads

Reversed: Emotional detachment, indecision, deception

Yes or No: Maybe

Number: 2

Element: Air

Planet: Venus

Astrological Sign: Libra

Description of the Two of Swords

On the Two of Swords tarot card, you will a blindfolded woman wearing a white robe. She has held two crossed swords. The blindfold in the eyes of a woman signifies that she is surrounded by worries and difficulties but unfortunately, she can neither see the problem nor the solution. This is because she lacks at required information that will help her make effective decisions. She has held both swords in the perfect balance. That means she can correctly manage their thoughts and understand both sides of the situation.

If we talk more about the imagery of the Two of Swords, you will see a water body behind the woman that has been dotted with rocky islands. Here the water is a sign of emotions. It also indicates that a woman can use both her mind and heart to find the best solution to a problem. The islands talk about obstacles in her path. The lady on the card should have considered the situation for a while. In addition to all these things, the woman also needs to trust her intuition.

Meaning of the upright Two of Swords

The upright Two of Swords tarot cards signifies that you will have to face a challenging decision. You are not sure which option is right for you in terms of making decisions. You will have two different responsibilities and both are equally good and bad for you. But you are not able to understand which one will take to the best outcome. For this, you will have to know how to calculate the pros and cons of each choice you make and then reach a final judgment. You should use both your head and mind to decide the right path for you.

Further, if you are getting a tarot reading, it will be good if you draw two cards for both sides. By doing so, you can decide what you are actually trying to balance. You will also want to draw four more cards to understand the pros and cons of each choice you make.

As you know the woman on the card has worn a blindfold showing she is unable to look at a situation properly. This card indicates that you may not have the required information so you can make the right decisions. You may be in lack something important like threats, potential risks, alternative solutions, and critical information that will help you navigate in the right direction. After you get free from the blindfold, you will be able to see the situation in reality and so you can find yourself in a much better position. Now you can safely evaluate yourself about what you might be missing.

Finally, the upright Two of Swords indicates that you may intend to choose to use a blindfold so you can get rid of making a choice. Analyze yourself if you want to hide from a challenging situation. You may also ignore something you are not comfortable with.

Meaning of the reversed Two of Swords

The reversed Two of Swords indicates that you are in a difficult decision but you are unable to find a way out of it. You have been trapped between a rock and a hard place and now you are not able to make the right decisions. Because you believe that all your decisions will lead to negative consequences. Due to this, you are unable to move further and get stuck in the situation itself.

two of swordsThe reversal of this minor arcana card says that you will not have the required pieces of information to make sound decisions. As the woman on the card has been disconnected herself from the outer world by using the blindfold, you will also shut off yourself from the world and find yourself in dilemma. You may also have lots of information provided by other people and you are overwhelmed with a deluge of information. Here you have to shift your mind to the right aspect and proceed with relevant information.

Further, the Two of Swords asks you to follow your intuition if you are stuck in a difficult decision. For this, you may need to disconnect yourself from the external world for a while so you can get the time and listen to your inner voice. By doing so, you will be able to use your wisdom to come up with a good decision.

Finally, the reversed Two of Swords also talks about a stalemate. Here you may find yourself in a situation with your friend, loved one, colleague, or business partner where there is no possibility of success and growth. The people you are working with may not agree with your decision for a particular situation. You may think of making a compromise. This card can also come to your reading when you are stuck on two different sides. That’s all you need to know about the Two of Swords tarot card. Kindly read the full article to learn more.

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