What Is The Chariot Tarot Card?

The Chariot tarot card symbolizes achievement, overcoming obstacles, success, passion, determination, willpower, control, self-discipline, and hard work. This card is the seventh number card of the major arcana. If this card comes in a tarot reading, it signifies a person’s determination to win or succeed at any cost. If we talk about the other names of this card, they are the Centurion or Victory.

chariot tarot cardThe Cancer zodiac sign also represents this card. After all, the Chariot tarot shows you the path of positivity and teaches you to focus on your energy. The upright position of the card teaches you about direction, control, willpower, determination, and success. The reversed position of this card represents a lack of control, opposition, lack of direction, and self-discipline. If you want to see the Chariot tarot in detail, kindly stay here.

More about the Chariot tarot

The Chariot card’s imagery encompasses a brave warrior standing inside a chariot. He has worn armor decorated with crescent moons, a tunic with a square. You will also find many other alchemical symbols that represent spiritual transformation. He wears the laurel and star crown that indicates victory, success, and spiritual evolution.

If you look at the charioteer, he looks tall. There isn’t any place available to sit for this guy. He tells us how to take action and proceed ahead for a purpose. On his head, you will see a canopy of six-pointed stars. They suggest that he is connected to the celestial world and the Divine will. A black and white sphinx is found in front of the vehicle. They show the duality, positive and negative energy. You will notice that the sphinxes are not pulling the vehicle in the right direction. It is the charioteer who is controlling them and taking the vehicle in the right direction.

If you look behind the chariot, you will see a wide river flow. It represents that you should always keep going in life like a river flow without moving back.

chariot tarot card

What does the upright Chariot say?

As you know the Chariot tarot is all about willpower, determination, and strength. You learn how to make effective decisions using your values and the Lover card. And after making the decisions, you need to take action for the same. If you find this card in your tarot reading, you should understand that it is encouraging you. With positive encouragement, you can determine your objective to act in the right direction using your inner power. An effort for a purpose with discipline, commitment, and willpower will help you succeed.

It is not necessary that you will succeed based on what you hope for. For sure success in life, you need to be fully determined for your vision and act accordingly without moving back. Also, you need to keep yourself ready to deal with challenges that come your way.

The Chariot tarot signifies that a person with the full focus can get success if they are confident about their abilities. He encourages you to be frank and bold when it comes to expressing your desires. Finally, the Chariot tarot also tells about taking a road trip.

What does the reversed Chariot say?

The reversed Chariot warns you about the obstacles and challenges coming your way of success. You can distract yourself from your goal if you are not fully prepared to tackle challenges and obstacles. You don’t have to go back when challenges come, you need to take them as a part of your journey. Further, when you are on the way, you don’t need to blindly follow the path. If you get stuck at a point, you should try again by changing your direction.

When you start taking action, the reversed Chariot hints that you have your energy and attention to focus on. You should take advantage of things like discipline, inner determination, and personal commitment.

If you are thinking of taking command of your destiny, first of all, you should know where you are now. After that, you need to use this opportunity to make your reins stronger and more disciplined for what you are doing. If you feel a loss of power, you don’t need to think about all the things. Think about the things that you can control and ignore the things that you can’t control.

Finally, the reversed Chariot tells you that you can try to control every minute detail in your life but it may not be possible. After all, you need to be open to help others and thankful to the almighty for what you have.


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